Seafood Chowder

I’ve never made seafood chowder before, but had several ingredients on hand that would work with this simple recipe, so I decided to give it a try. It was a success with the family (except Janelle who doesn’t like anything seafood)

Easy Seafood Chowder


4-5 slices bacon
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 can cream-style corn
1 can cream of potato soup
2 cups half and half
1 pkg (8 oz) cream cheese, cubed
1 can crab meat
1 can clams
1/2 pound frozen, cooked shrimp

In dutch oven, cut up bacon into small pieces and fry, with onions and garlic, until bacon is starting to get crisp. Depending on the size of the shrimp you are using, you may want to chop them into small pieces. Add all other ingredients to the pot and heat, without boiling, until cream cheese is melted and shrimp are heated through. Depending on how thick you like your chowder, you can either add more or less half and half.

Three Can Shrimp Chowder Recipe        Jan 17.jpg


Project 365, Days 51-62

Jan 7.jpg

Day 51, January 7: Blizzard got ahold of this ice cream bucket with a bit of leftover soup in it and carried it away to his favorite spot–under my bed.

Jan 8.jpg


Day 52:  I haven’t had a pic of Eric lately, so here’s one of him lounging around

Jan 9.jpg

Day 53: Yep. It’s still cold.

Jan 10.jpg


Day 54: The moon is rising

Jan 11.jpg


Day 55: Kaiser wants to come in. He always wants to come in.

Jan 12.jpg


Day 56: Blizzard is looking a little shaggy and dirty. I think it’s time for a haircut.

Jan 13.jpg

Day 57: Sunset

Jan 14.jpg


Day 58:  It’s not as cold, but now we’re having lots of snow.

Jan 15.jpg

Day 59: Still snowing

Jan 16.jpg

Day 60: I came home to find the piano opened up and Greg happily working on it. He’s trying to fix the broken keys and then he wants to tune it himself.

Jan 17.jpg

Day 61: Dinner tonight was seafood chowder. It was a hit with the family.

Jan 18.jpg

Day 62: What happens when I open a bag of candy that I intended to use in Spanish class? It all gets eaten long before Spanish class.

Project365, Days 41-50

Dec 28

Day 41, December 28: You have to watch Blizzard. He likes to steal your place. I think he believes he’s a person.

Dec 29

Day 42: The chalkboard wall in my daughter’s room gets lots of use. Lots of Doctor Who and Loki stuff on it right now.

Dec 30

Day 43: At this time of year, all the boots come in the house because it’s too cold in the garage. This tends to make a bit of a mess of the floor.

Dec 31


Day 44: A New Year’s Eve treat. Almond patties, also know as banket.

Jan 1

Day 45: Another Dutch treat for New Years–Oliebollen

Jan 2

Day 46: The youth group schedule says the topic for May 6 is “Die”. Maybe we want to miss that day 🙂

Jan 3

Day 47: Winter sunset

Jan 4

Day 48:  Getting ready for the Packer playoff game.

Jan 5

Day 49: Packer Party. Too bad they didn’t win. No more parties until September (at least not Packer Parties)

Jan 6

Day 50: The worst thing about this photo? The temp wasn’t even at it’s lowest yet. It went down a couple more degrees.


Project 365, Days 31-40

Dec 18

Day 31, December 18: Beautiful sunrise

Dec 19


Day 32: Finally got the boys room fairly clean so there’s room for people to sleep on the floor.

Dec 20

Day 33: Blizzard is sleeping half on/half off Janelle’s bed. He’s usually under the covers.

Dec 21

Day 34: The peaceful calm before the storm. A winter storm warning is set to kick in later today, right when my family is scheduled to arrive. But, for now, the frost on the trees makes everything look so peaceful.

Dec 22

Day 35: That winter storm didn’t dump quite as much snow as was predicted, but there was enough for a couple of vehicles to get stuck in our driveway.

Dec 23


Day 36: Greg’s organ was popular over Christmas. Here, my brother Jim is getting some pointers on how to play it

Dec 24

Day 37: A family tradition: the Rook card white elephant gift exchange. Eric got this awesome inflatable mohawk

Dec 25

Day 38: My nephew, Devin, designed a carpetball tournament. It was double-elimination and was complete with an official bracket and prizes for the top 3 finishers.  Janelle finished 4th.

Dec 26

Day 39: Another frosty, peaceful day. This time, there’s a lot more snow on the ground.

Dec 27

Day 40: This one is from a couple of days ago. The kids in our church’s Christmas program. They were cute 🙂

Project 365, Days 10-30

Nov 27

Day 10: November 27: I finally got around to dealing with the carrots from my garden. There were some really big carrots.

Nov 28

Day 11: One of the treats during the Thanksgiving Day football game–fruit salsa with cinnamon chips.

Nov 29

Day 12: Another Thanksgiving Day pic (so, I guess this is technically still day 11). The pre-dinner food line up. We had to have something to eat during the football game. We weren’t quite so hungry at turkey time

Nov 30

Day 13: And now, a couple pictures that I didn’t take, but just have to include. Greg’s senior pictures. Is he really a senior already?

Dec 1

Day 14: Another from the senior picture shoot

Dec 2

Day 15: Since we don’t have a recent, good picture of Janelle, we had a couple of her done during Greg’s senior picture shoot.

Dec 3

Day 16: We got a new refrigerator. And, best of all, it was free. My favorite price.

Dec 4

Day 17: Janelle, 2 of her friends and their piano teacher played their violins in the mall while manning the Salvation Army kettle.

Dec 5

Day 18: Practicing for the upcoming Christmas Cantata at church

Dec 6

Day 19: It’s sock folding day. Whenever the sock basket starts to overflow, I know it’s time to sort and fold socks.

Dec 7

Day 20: Janelle and her dance friends from church entertained in the mall. Janelle choreographed this dance to “Christmas This Year” by Toby Mac. Also on the entertainment list this Saturday was the church’s children’s choir and a couple of solos on piano and violin.

Dec 8

Day 21: Greg had several “extra” roles in a production of A Christmas Carol: The Musical. I don’t remember which role this costume was for. I think he had about 6 different costumes.

Dec 9

Day 22: Co-op geography class. Not sure if they’re working hard or hardly working…

Dec 10

Day 23: It can be extremely difficult to fold laundry with Blizzard around. He loves to make himself comfortable in the baskets and can get a bit unhappy when clothes are removed for folding.

Dec 11

Day 24: Our new car shows the outside temp. On evenings like this one, I really wish it didn’t. That is just too cold.

Dec 12

Day 25: Step one in the making of fried ice cream for my co-op classes–making ice cream balls.

Dec 13

Day 26: Once the ice cream balls are frozen, I add a coating of corn flakes and cinnamon and they’re ready for frying at Monday’s class.

Dec 14

Day 27: I’m thinking the boys’ room needs a bit of cleaning before family comes next weekend.

Dec 15

Day 28: In an attempt to get organized before my family gets here, I cleaned out and organized the freezer. Each shelf has the food for a different day. Sunday’s food in on the top shelf, Mondays on the second, and so on. That way, I don’t have to search the whole freezer every day for the necessary food.

Dec 16

Day 29: Co-op classes Christmas party

Dec 17

Day 30: And, since I didn’t take a photo today, another from yesterday. Food from the Christmas party.  I know. Boring.

Project 365 Year 5, Days 1-9

It’s time to start another year, my fifth year of doing project 365.

Nov 18

Day 1, November 18, 2013: Janelle and the dancers from church are busy getting ready for the Christmas cantata. Practices are happening several times a week.

Nov 19

Day 2:  One of our tractors.

Nov 20


Day 3: Janelle has been waiting for over a year for the next Hunger Games movie, and now it’s almost here. We got her tickets. Only one more day to wait.

Nov 21

Day 4: Waiting in line for the doors to open for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Nov 22


Day 5: We woke up to a layer of snow this morning. Winter in Wisconsin is here.

Nov 23

Day 6: We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate both mine and Eric’s birthdays. The restaurant gave us both a huge piece of cake with ice cream as a birthday treat. Yum!

Nov 24


Day 7: Chef Greg busy at work

Nov 25


Day 8: Another dance practice

Nov 26


Day 9: A big pot of cheese soup. Most of it went in the freezer for Christmas, when my whole family will be here.


Project 365, Days 361-362

Somehow during the year, I must have missed 3 days of photos, because these are the last 2 that I have. This brings year #4 of Project 365 to an end. What will the next year look like?

Nov 16


Day 361: Blizzard is my laundry helper. He can’t resist climbing in the baskets while I’m trying to fold clothes.

Nov 17


Day 362 (actually, day 365), November 17, 2013: This is the inside of our new (or, new to us) SUV.