Friday Show and Tell

Yesterday, I mentioned my son’s love of cooking and baking and shared a couple of his favorite recipes. Today, I just have to share what happens when this 12-year old takes over the kitchen for a day. He had Super Bowl party coming up the next day with church youth group, plus we have a friend who had just had a baby, so he decided to make pies–some for the party, one for our friend and some for us. Here’s what he made:

That’s 7 pies. He made a banana cream, chocolate, lemon cream, blueberry, pumpkin and 2 apple. And, they were all delicious from what I’ve been told.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Show and Tell

  1. Oh my! He is a pastry chef in the making!!! Awesome skill to have. Does he clean up after himself, too? My dad always said that was a sign of a good cook! (He should know. He is a certified master baker.)
    PS. Thanks for praying for us.

  2. Oh my goodness! He made all those pies! My 7 year old grandson wants to be a chef. He loves to cook, also. How nice to have a cook in the family!

  3. Wow I am VERY impressed ! Oh how I would love to sample each kind ! YOu are a very blessed mama to have a boy like that. And his future wife will be VERY blessed too !

    Thanks for sharing !
    Blessings in Him<><

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