Bible in 90 Days, Day 1

I just finished reading Day 1 of the Bible in 90 Days. The story of creation stood out to me as I was reading. I love watching the browns of winter turning into the greens of spring here in Wisconsin. Can you imagine what it must have looked like watching all the green plants and trees and all the brightly colored flowers appear out of nothing? What an amazing sight that must have been.


Project 365, Days 111-130

March 8

Day 111, March 8, 2014: I have discovered that I love these candy bars.  Not quite as much as peanut butter m&ms, but almost.

March 9

Day 112: The snow is starting to melt!!

March 10

Day 113: If you look real closely, you can see several deer in the field. This is about a mile down our road, taken from the car, so it’s not very clear, but there are deer, I promise.

March 11

Day 114: Choreographing dance at church

March 12

Day 115: Greg’s new truck. At least, it’s new to him.

March 14

Day 116: This is what Greg uses as a key chain. Yes. That’s a mousetrap.


March 13

Day 117: Blizzard hates it when Janelle leaves him. Once a week, we have to go straight from dog obedience to dance and Blizzard has to wait in the car with me during the 45 minute dance class. He spends the whole time going from window to window, watching and whining, until Janelle comes back.

March 15

Day 118: There’s still snow in the field, but not nearly as much as a couple of weeks ago. Maybe spring will come one of these days.

March 16

Day 119: The best part of St Patrick’s Day? McDonald’s Shamrock shake 🙂


March 17

Day 120: Working hard to get the dance perfect before Palm Sunday

March 18

Day 121: Greg found this in one of our sheds. He thinks it’s cool. I think it’s gross.

March 19

Day 122: The tomatoes are starting to come up

March 20

Day 123: Eric’s new car. After over a month of waiting for insurance money, he was finally able to buy a new car.

March 21

Day 124: On our way to Iowa, we stopped for breakfast and had to invest in some of these chocolate, peanut butter mammoth muffins. Yum!

March 22

Day 125: Cousins, some who don’t want to get their picture taken

March 23

Day 126: On our way home, the icicles along the Mississippi River.

March 24

Day 127: Again,  you have to look closely, but there are about 20 deer in that field across the street from our house.

March 25

Day 128: So much for spring. It’s snowing again.

March 26

Day 129: The results of last night’s snow fall.

March 27

Day 130: At least it’s spring weather this time. Rain is better than snow this late in the year.

Project 365, Days 105-110

March 2.jpg

Day 105, March 2, 2014: I ask you, does this look like March? This winter has been all about snow and freezing, below-0 weather. I am ready for spring.

March 3.jpg

Day 106: It’s March and the temperature is -17.

March 4.jpg

Day 107: Roland passed his realtor’s exam!! Yea!!

March 5.jpg

Day 108: I love sunsets and taking photos of sunsets.

March 6.jpg

Day 109: Kaiser and Blizzard are best friends. I had just given Kaiser a bone to chew on when Blizzard went out to join him. If it had been our other dog, Buddy, that tried to join Kaiser, Kaiser would have growled and barked and protected his bone. With Blizzard, he shared.

March 7.jpg

Day 110: My pal Blizzard 🙂

Project 365, Days 97-104

Feb 22.jpg

Day 97, February 22: Janelle and her friend dancing

Feb 23.jpg

Day 98: This rug materialized from somewhere. I’m hoping it disappears real soon.

Feb 24.jpg

Day 99: Naughty puppy #1

Feb 25.jpg

Day 100: Naughty puppy #2

Feb 26.jpg

Day 101: While shopping with Janelle, we found this totally awesome Loki hoodie. It was a bit out of the budget, but it was still awesome

Feb 27.jpg

Day 102: Another awesome shopping find: Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers

Feb 28.jpg

Day 103: This isn’t really my photo, and I don’t know if the research and “facts” are real, but I can totally agree with this.

March 1.jpg

Day 104: Kaiser almost looks like he’s laughing. He  really just wants to come in the house.

Project 365, Days 86-96

Feb 11.jpg

Day 86, February 11: Making a big pot of chili on a cold winter day

Feb 12.jpg

Day 87: Sending out college stuff for Greg.

Feb 13.jpg

Day 88: Eric’s car was hit by a snowplow while he was on his way to work this morning.

Feb 14.jpg


Day 89: Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 15.jpg

Day 90: My little laundry helper

Feb 16.jpg

Day 91: I find it amusing that a warning is required to say that a can of real crab meat contains crab. It better contain crab. That’s why I bought it.

Feb 17.jpg

Day 92: More winter weather is on the way. It’s been a very “wintery” winter this year.

Feb 18.jpg

Day 93: When I woke up this morning, there were 6 Mt Dew cans in the living room. 5 were empty, 1 was not. Why are they left in the living room? Is it really so hard to put them in the recycling?

Feb 19.jpg

Day 94: Winter storm 2 days ago. Rain and warm today. Yes, that is grass showing through. Yea!!

Feb 20.jpg

Day 95: Blizzard and Greg kept each other company in the car while waiting for Janelle to finish dance class. Blizzard does not like being away from his girl.

Feb 21.jpg

Day 96: It’s been really windy since last night. So windy that it blew down our satellite dish. I guess we won’t be watching the Olympics closing ceremonies this weekend.

Project 365, Days 69-85

Jan 25.jpg

Day 69, January 25, 2014: Blizzard found Janelle’s old bean bag in the basement and has made himself comfortable in it.

Jan 26.jpg

Day 70: Sunset. This one is through the window, so there’s some distortion, but it was too cold to open the window or go outside

Jan 27.jpg


Day 71: Not much happening around here, so I’ve resorted to taking a picture of my new slipper. 🙂

Jan 28.jpg

Day 72: Eric’s car is having a hard time starting in all this cold weather. He’s getting to be a pro at using jumper cables.

Jan 29.jpg

Day 73: It’s Doctor Who time. It’s all Janelle’s fault that I’ve started watching this show.

Jan 30.jpg

Day 74: Yes, it’s snowing again.

Jan 31.jpg

Day 75: Maple glazed pork loin

Feb 1.jpg

Day 76: Eric started a new job and has to be at work some mornings at 5:30. He’s a bit tired at the end of the day.

Feb 2.jpg

Day 77: Oops. I hit the side of the garage with the side mirror.  In my defense, the skid loader was parked in the garage, as well, taking up a lot of space and I hit some ice on my way out of the garage and slid a bit.

Feb 3.jpg

Day 78: It’s not snowing much, but it is very windy and our road is rapidly drifting shut.

Feb 4.jpg

Day 79: Our microwave door no longer stays closed. We tape it when we’re not using it and have to hold it closed when using it.

Feb 5.jpg

Day 80: It seems like every morning lately, I wake up to find a mess in the living room. Dishes, mail, clothes, furniture moved.  I may have to banish everybody from the living room when I go to bed at night.

Feb 6.jpg

Day 81: Tilapia with mango salsa. Yum!

Feb 7.jpg

Day 82: Janelle loves to dance, and so we’ve started putting up a mirrored wall in the basement to help her. One section is up, with more to come in the near future.

Feb 8.jpg

Day 83:  Eric put his car in the ditch on his way home from work.

Feb 9.jpg

Day 84: Blizzard is a little beggar. He really wants Eric’s food.

Feb 10.jpg

Day 85: Enough already. It’s February. No more below zero weather, please!


Project 365, Days 63-68

Jan 19.jpg

Day 63, January 19, 2014: One of the joys of living on a farm in winter–mice sometimes find their way in the house. This is one of the precautionary traps I have set in the basement, just in case. Haven’t caught anything yet.

Jan 20.jpg

Day 64: The tool Greg needs to tune the piano arrived today, so Greg is happily learning how it works.

Jan 21.jpg

Day 65: This is the mess in my laundry room. All sorts of dirty barn clothes. I tripped over this lovely pile and ended up flat on my face.

Jan 22.jpg

Day 66: Blizzard got a haircut today. He’s all white and fluffy again. Janelle thought he needed something to help keep him warm since he has less fur than before, so she got him this pink sweatshirt.

Jan 23.jpg

Day 67: Why can’t dirty clothes end up in the hamper? Would it really be more difficult to drop them over a couple of inches?

Jan 24.jpg

Day 68: A cold, windy day. Our road is blowing shut. Hopefully a snowplow comes down the road soon, or we’ll be stranded.